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Just for Schvitz & Giggles

Inspired by a love of old-world-meets-new and a reverence for Jewish grandmothers everywhere, each piece in Candleschtick’s collection highlights an original design—then kitsches it up a notch. Our clothing and tchotchkes bring humor with a touch of nostalgia to delight the modern soul.

Bubbie would approve.

What's Our Schtick?

In 2020, three friends, inspired by our grandmothers’ wit and wisdom, decided that the world could use a little more Yiddish humor. We sought to reconnect with traditions-past in a fun and modern way. We grew up with grandparents who shared old-country recipes, whispered “kinehora” after kvelling, and hosted epic family gatherings for holidays and beyond. Many of these tradition-keepers have passed, but they are fondly remembered, along with their humor, charm, and delicious apple cakes. 

No Yiddish? No problem. We celebrate “Yinglish” - and love words with an absurd number of consonants! Schtick around. We'd love you to join in the fun...and the occasional matzoh ball soup tribute art.

About Us
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Life is just more fun with a silly mug.

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Schmatta Chic

Show a little chutzpah with a graphic tee or sweatshirt.

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A special collection highlighting handmade jewelry and home goods.


The Whole Mishpacha

"Little kids, little problems..."

An old (but accurate) Yiddish expression.

At least they'll have a clean top.

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  • Raglan baseball tee in black and white, with an image depicting a silhouette of a seated dreidel player in red and blue. The shirt is surrounded by baseball accessories, including a red hat, a red pointer, a baseball glove, as well as a wooden dreidel.

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    We love food, friends and fun. If you have a collab idea, give us a shout! We'd love to hear from you.

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