Three colorful mugs against against a light blue background that say "To life, to life, l'chaim" "100% chutzpah" and "Mazel tov"

A Cup Full of Memories

While spending time at my mother's house over the summer, I found a few coffee mugs in her kitchen cabinet that have been around for years.

One has a now-faded illustration of lighthouses along the coast that my dad loved visiting—destinations for the many winding routes we took when I was learning to drive.

Another is from a road race that I ran years ago with friends. I still remember our night-before-the-race dinner, the music we listened to on the way to start, and how elated we were when we all crossed the finished line.

When I picked my morning coffee mug, I would recall the stories of the mug, and this got me thinking about how mugs can be great mementos. 

With this in mind, I asked a few friends about some of their favorite mugs. 

Mug with the names of Shakespeare plays. We got this mug at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon on a trip with our kids. It will always remind us of that wonderful trip and our mutual love of Shakespeare. -Rajani
Mug that says, "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world" My husband got my this mug as a birthday present. It always gives me happy tears. -Rajani
Ceramic mug with a face that appears as if it's made from a birch log.

Many years ago, we took the kids on a trip to Vermont, and it rained the whole time. We ended up walking around the town and ducking into stores when it really started to pour. We stopped in a ceramic shop and bought two of these mugs. They look like birch logs and remind me of that day.  -Julie

Mug from the British museum depicting an old ticket, shown in front of a small double decker bus. The year I was 7, we lived in London, England while my mother did academic research. She and I often made rainy day visits to the British Museum. At that age, it seemed like an enormous place to me, almost infinite, and full of wonders. Soon, when anyone asked me how much I loved something or someone, I was stretching out my arms and saying "this many British Museums full!" Years later, I was back in London for my own research, and had to have the mug. -Sharon
Mug that from overhead looks like a face with nostril handle and a tongue inside I love this mug because my daughter made it. It's quirky, and not really functional, but it always makes me smile. -Mia


Mugs can remind us of events or trips, help set a mood, and make us laugh. Candleschtick’s mugs offer a fun and memorable way to say mazel tov, toast l’chaim, or share some chutzpah with friends.

Take a look at our new fall mug collection to find an excellent favor for your next event, a fantastic Hanukkah gift, or a set for schmoozing with family and friends.


"New for fall: A cup full of chutzpah" and four mugs with colorful designs that say "100% chutzpah" "To life, to life, l'chaim" and "Mazel tov"
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