Behind the Scenes with Jamie Roitman

Behind the Scenes with Jamie Roitman

We are singing praises for’s Jamie Roitman - a talented vocal and resin craft artist who pivoted from opera to epoxy during the pandemic. We were excited to work with Jamie on a pre-Passover giveaway…and look forward to future collaborations! Check out our interview on the Candleschtick YouTube channel - or read on!

CS: Hello Jamie! We are so pleased to introduce you to our Candleschtick family and friends. Tell us a little about yourself and your background: 

JR: Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! I’ve been singing since I was in elementary school, but I switched to opera exclusively after college once I realized it was the best fit for my voice. During the height of Covid, all of my contracts were canceled but I still felt the need to somehow express myself artistically. After trying and failing at other crafts, I decided to try resin. I realized after several attempts that I could actually do it - and do it well. I began posting my coasters and other smaller items that I had made for fun on social media, not really thinking anything of it. Friends and colleagues started asking if my art was available for purchase and that’s where the business began. 

CS: How did you grow your style as an epoxy artist…and how did that differ from your development as a vocal artist?

JR: When I started working with resin, I had a lot of doubt about what I could and couldn’t do but then decided to trust myself and give it a shot. This has enabled me to offer a variety of styles and products to my clients. 

As an opera singer, your voice is best suited for particular roles or types of singing. You can always sing a variety of characters, but they must fit within your specific vocal classification.  

CS: At Candleschtick, we like to share warm memories of growing up with grandparents who kvelled at our creations. Do you have a favorite grandparent story to share? Has your career in the arts connected you with your family in any surprising ways?

JR: I’m the first one in my family to sing! I’ve always sung the High Holiday Services, which is my biggest musical connection to Judaism. My maternal grandmother loves opera and all classical music so whenever I start working on a new role, she’s one of my first phone calls because I know she’ll be excited and that we can have a good conversation about it. My paternal grandmother has an appreciation for my resin work. I gifted her a jewelry box for her birthday and a notepad holder with a matching pen for Chanukah. She loved that her gift was something that I made for her. 

CS: We love your trays and see that you offer Jewish-themed items for Passover matzah as well as children’s mezuzot. Tell us about your design process and what inspires you.

JR: I’m inspired by fashion and modern styles! I worked in luxury retail for 10 years and love following contemporary trends. I like to try to keep my styles current and fun, especially with Judaica because I feel like it’s something we don’t see enough of. I also love creating pieces with Jewish twists on modern sayings or incorporating some Yiddish. 

CS: Lightning Round!:

  • Lokshen or Potato? Potato!
  • Favorite Yiddish word? Schlep. 
  • Favorite Jewish holiday recipe? Matzah ball soup! It’s not exclusive to Passover!
  • Favorite Jewish melody? We are partial to Dayenu..bonus points for singing a few bars ;) I have a few classical pieces I love, but if we’re choosing something some widely known, I’d have to go with "Bim Bam Shabbat Shalom" or my kids would be very upset. 😊

    Matzah Tray from Jamie Roitman Collection


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    Check out the Candleschtick YouTube Channel for this fun interview and more!


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