Meet Jamie Feit: Author and Expert on Kosher Nutrition

Meet Jamie Feit: Author and Expert on Kosher Nutrition

Kosher, healthy, and delicious? Yes, please! We are happy to introduce you to Jamie Feit, a certified nutritionist who balances rich flavor with gluten-free, kosher cooking. Jamie’s blog, The Kosher Celiac, and her Instagram @jamie_feit feature crowd-pleasing favorites with carbs in check.    

Jamie’s commitment to healthy eating is highlighted on her feed and in her books, Kosher Cookbook for the Family: 75 Recipes to Make at Home (Rockbridge Press, 2021) and The Celiac Disease Diet Plan: Your Guide to a Healthy Gluten-Free Lifestyle (Rockbridge Press 2020). As fellow Jewish foodies who are always on the lookout for modern options, we were excited to learn more! 

In addition to answering questions for our blog, Jamie shared healthy tips for Shabbat meal planning, some behind-the-scene peeks at her gluten-free challah rolls, and news of her upcoming (third!!) cookbook on our Zoom interview.

Check out video clips from our conversation below. 

More from the interview...

CS: Hello Jamie! We spotted your feed and were intrigued by your niche of traditional recipes updated for healthy living. What inspired your focus? 

JF: I became religious when I got married. When I realized that Shabbat came each week and always revolved around food I had to find a way to lighten it up. I never make kugels and rarely serve deli or processed meats. I have 2-3 vegetables at every meal.

CS: As a trained nutritionist, providing advice to clients, as well as your followers on @jamie_feit, what recommendations do you have for someone looking to update their traditional Shabbat meal?

JF: My rule of thumb is to:

  1. Serve 1 vegetable for every meat or starch that you serve.
  2. Start each Shabbat meal off with a salad.

CS: We love stories of connection between generations. Who influenced your interest in food? How have you shared your Jewish food journey with your children?

JF: My parents were obsessed with the timing of meals. As soon as breakfast was over they were always discussing what is going to be for lunch. My mother, though, happens to be an excellent cook so…I must have learned it from her. I always involve my kids in menu planning and helping out in the kitchen. During Covid…I put all four of my girls in charge of making dinner once a week and I helped them just a little. Also, my children are also my best taste testers.

CS: What’s next on your plate? 

JF: During Covid, I taught online cooking classes with a colleague of mine, Kimberly  Greene-Liebowitz ER/Urgent Care physician, Epidemiologist and author  @kgliebowitz (Twitter & Instagram)]. We are partnering to write a Kosher/gluten-free cookbook!

CS: Lightning Round:

  • Favorite Yiddish word? That’s a toss-up between “Shlep” and “Kvetch”.
  • Does your family have a favorite recipe request on repeat? Friday night salad, Persian rice, and beef tenderloin.
  • Favorite Jewish-food-holiday? Rosh Hashanah and Sukkoth. I love to cook delicious soups and interesting fall vegetables.
  • Any healthy hamentashen tips? My favorite hamantaschen recipe had a healthy filling adapted from an old Jewish cookbook that I make with gluten-free dough.


Learn more about Jamie Feit, MS, RD on:

Instagram @jamie_feit and

See and purchase Jamie’s Kosher Cookbook for the Family: 75 Recipies to Make at Home (Rockridge Press) and The Celiac Disease Plan: Your Guide to a Healthy Gluten-Free Lifestyle (Rockridge Press) via her site, favorite bookshops, or Amazon.

Check Jamie’s website and social media outlets for more news of her upcoming cookbook which will combine her gluten-free and kosher recipes with her nutritional expertise in an exciting new format. We can’t wait!


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