• Challah Baby Pictures

    In this blog post, Alison talks about her Rosh Hashanah tradition of swapping homemade challah photos with a neighbor.

  • My Grandmother Baked in Yiddish

    Why does Candleschtick feature so many posts and blogs about food? Food is a way to share our culture, our traditions, and our appreciation for our community and friends.

    This week we have a special guest post written by Mia’s sister-in-law, Amanda Levinson. This article was originally published as "My Husband's Grandmother Cooked in Yiddish" by

  • Knishes for the Camper

    Candleschtick is inspired by many ideas, including Jewish foods, family memories, and pop culture. From time to time, we’ll share posts about our product inspirations. In this post, co-founder Alison talks about learning to make knishes and why they have become a favorite camping food.