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Feelin' Schmoozy Coffee Mugs


Schtick (Yiddish):
A gimmicky comic routine; a person’s special talent.

The year was 2020, and we needed to settle our shpilkes. Three friends, inspired by our grandmothers’ wit and wisdom, decided that the world could use a little more Yiddish humor.

Candleschtick reflects our appreciation for retro design, and for words with an absurd number of consonants. Why "Candleschtick"? Because Jewish gifts don't need to be limited to candlesticks.

Guided by warm humor and a reverence to Jewish grandmothers everywhere, each piece in Candleschtick’s collection highlights an original design—then kitsches it up a notch. We showcase fresh designs that offer a connection to Jewish culture, a reference to much-loved traditional foods, and a celebration of Jewish events of all types.  Our clothing and tchotchkes bring humor with a touch of nostalgia to delight the modern soul.

It's time for a new schtick! Follow our spiel and watch for new product launches. Keep in touch - We would love to know what we can add to your modern Yiddish moment.

Keep calm and kugel on,

Julie, Mia, & Alison


Candleschtick - Lighten up!