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Schtick (Yiddish):
A gimmicky comic routine; a person’s special talent.


Oy! What were we thinking?

During the drek (Yiddish for garbage) that was 2020, we often thought about our grandparents' lives and the difficulties they faced. We remembered their stories…some sad but many celebrating lives well-lived and recalled the smart, tough, capable (and opinionated) women who kept those home fires burning. We found tape-recorded soundtracks (magnetic tape!) from family reunions, handwritten recipe books (with mysteriously “missing” secret ingredients), and old-country, colorized photographs. We remembered the Yiddish phrases and the sisterhood of women who whispered “kinehora” after kvelling and hosted epic family gatherings for holidays and beyond. 

Inspired by our grandmothers’ wit and wisdom, we decided that the world could use a little more Yiddish humor. We sought to reconnect with traditions in a fun and modern way. Many of these tradition keepers have passed, but they are fondly remembered, along with their humor, charm, and delicious desserts. So with a (very) little knowledge of Yiddish, a solid background in matzo ball soup, and a determination to continue the legacy of a long line of strong (and opinionated) women, we started Candleschtick.

No Yiddish? No problem. We celebrate “Yinglish” and words with an absurd number of consonants! We love finding new ways to use old phrases and invite you to join us.

Candleschtick shares fresh designs and connections to Jewish Culture, references to much-loved foods, and a celebration of fun. Whether you’re seeking light-hearted gifts for friends and family or you want to declare your love of latkes to the world, we bring a touch of nostalgia to delight the modern soul. Join us on our adventure - and keep calm and kugel on.

Follow our spiel and keep in touch.

Julie, Mia & Alison

PS: Some our products are stamped Bubbie Approved. This is our "wink" to products we think our own grandparents would have loved. 


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