Candleschtick Affiliate & Custom Orders

At Candleschtick, we love to encourage connection. If you are looking for a way to connect with group members while supporting your organization, we have some options!

Candleschtick Affiliate Program:

Receive a percentage of sales as a Candleschtick Affiliate. 

  • Approved Candleschtick Affiliates can earn a percentage of sales for their organization.
  • Affiliates will receive a unique link to provide to their shopper community. Sales through that link will be tracked as Affiliate Generated Sales.
  • You may promote your Candleschtick Affiliate Link through your own newsletters, website, and emails. We can help!
  • Sales data is maintained by Candleschtick and commission is paid to Affiliates on a schedule customized to your needs.
  • For more specific details on the Candleschtick Affiliate program, contact us at

Candleschtick Custom Orders:

Looking for a Custom Product for your event, Hebrew School activity, or fundraiser? 

  • Candleschtick can customize products for your organization.
  • We can provide design services and customized products with discounts available beginning at a Minimum Order Count per product of 25.
  • For more information on Candleschtick Custom, contact us at