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Ala Manson

18V LXT 716 Hex HighTorque Impact Wrench Kit

18V LXT 716 Hex HighTorque Impact Wrench Kit

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Durably built, the 18V LXT 7/16″ Hex High-Torque Impact Wrench Kit (XWT01) from Makita is engineered for drilling and fastening into treated wood utility poles without rotational torque to help maintain balance. Powered by a Makita-built motor, it delivers 325 ft.-lbs. of Max Torque, with 1,900 RPM and 2,200 IPM for powerful drilling and fastening. It also has a proprietary hammer and anvil impact mechanism that are manufactured with the best raw materials, highest quality steel and unique heat hardening process for maximum fastening and driving power.

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