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Ala Manson

NT 501 Tact Te HEPA WetDry Vacuum

NT 501 Tact Te HEPA WetDry Vacuum

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The Karcher NT 50/1 Tact Te HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum (1.148-416.0) is the closest you can get to having a truly unstoppable vacuum. It easily handles fine dust, coarse dirt, and liquids all without manual maintenance of the filter thanks to the Tact automated filter cleaning system. This vacuum is best suited for production facilities, workshops, and construction sites as it was designed for the most demanding customers in the industry – requiring uninterrupted work and a dust-free work environment around the clock. An integrated power outlet with an automatic on/off switch makes working with power tools even easier, while the new central rotary switch enables simple selection of suction settings. It comes with a selection of newly developed accessories all of which can be stored in the integrated housing.

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