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Ala Manson

Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife

Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife

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Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife

This Double Serrated Bread Knife from Wusthof’s Classic line features an innovative design which has serrations inside the traditional serrations. This design makes the knife sharper and lets you cut through even the crustiest of breads with fewer crumbs. That means less of a mess for you to clean up! The Classic series consists of triple-riveted full tang knives with blades forged from a single piece of specially tempered high carbon steel. Wusthof’s PEtec or Precision Edge Technology ensures that each blade is measured and assessed using a computer program to determine the optimal sharpening angle for each individual blade. This procedure produces the sharpest and longest lasting blade for each knife. These knives have black handles made from synthetic material. Hand wash only. Made in Germany. Wustof item number聽1040101123, previously聽4152-7/23.

Wusthof Classic Series Features

Every Wusthof Classic knife is forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength, balance and heft. The Classic black handles are made of synthetic material triple riveted to the full tang for a seamless and hygienic fit. Not only comfortable to hold, but the skillfully honed by hand blades are also incredibly sharp, and are easily resharpened. Made in Solingen, Germany, Lifetime Guarantee.

Why Choose a Forged Steel Knife?

Wusthof forged knives start with quality steel that undergoes extreme heat and hand moulding to enhance the flexibility, density, and hardness of the blade. Forged knives are hand crafted and offer greater strength and durability as well as better balance, a heavier feel and lasting sharpness compared to stamped cutlery. The tang of a forged knife always extends into the handle to improve the balance and ergonomics.

About Wusthof Forged Knives

Each Wusthof knife is precision forged from a single piece of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel. This specialized high carbon, stain-resistant alloy ensures that the critical characteristics of each Wusthof knife are right there from the beginning: razor sharp, long-lasting cutting edge that is both highly stain resistance and easily restorable (able to be sharpened). This formula is imprinted on each forged blade is the following world-renowned Wusthof steel formula: X50 CrMoV15 X = Stainless Steel Mo = Molybdenum 50 = 0.5% carbon – significant for sharpness V = Vanadium for hardness and edge retention Cr = Chromium for stain-resistance 15 = Contents of chromium (15%)

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